Friday, May 6, 2011

FRESH Spring Pea Hummus!

I have been loving all of the spring veggies out in stores. I've grabbed fresh spring peas at Traders Joe's a few times, and while they are typically very expensive, TJ's had them for 2 cups or so for $3 - not a bad deal! Peas are packed with protein, fiber, and all kinds of good stuff. I made a blended pea soup, which looked beautiful but that I'd like to work on before I blog a recipe...and this tasty, really quick and easy pea hummus. Of course, you could eat the peas on their own, toss them on a salad for a little extra crunch, or even stir them whole into another dip or some guacamole, but this pea hummus is pretty tasty, and just tastes like spring! I served a big scoop of mine with salad, and it was FILLING - because, as I mentioned, peas are packed with good stuff!
1 1/2 cups fresh green peas (frozen are likely blanched...and therefore not raw...but would work here as well, if defrosted and drained of any extra water)
1/4 cup raw tahini
1/2-1 teaspoon sea salt, to taste
3/4-1 teaspoon cumin, to taste
Dash of cayenne
Simply combine the ingredients above in a food processor, until desired chunkiness or smoothness has been reached. Serve with other veggies for dipping or on top of a salad...Raw appétit!

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