Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Smoothie in a Pinch: Frozen Mango Lassi

After spending the last couple of days preparing for last night's raw dinner & demo at Fresh Thymes Cafe (it was fabulous - thanks to all who were there, and especially the Fresh Thymes ladies, Jenn and Jane), I had very very little in the fridge at breakfast time today! Zero greens for my typical green smoothie morning meal. So I improvised, and ended up with a very yummy treat!
I used frozen mango (which I try to keep on hand all the time when I'm in a rush with no time to slice and dice, or for when I haven't gone shopping, like today), frozen banana, good old H20, and a dollop of leftover (REALLY leftover - eg, stuck to a bowl in a large enough quantity that I felt bad washing the bowl, but not enough to do much else with) cashew sour cream...I whipped it together, and - VOILA! A frozen mango lassi! I remember those tasty concoctions from my college days, when the relatively inexpensive, plentiful and really good Indian restaurants of Cambridge, MA were a favorite haunt. This vegan version (the original includes yogurt) was a morning treat that just begged for little umbrella!

Just throw frozen mango, banana, and water in the blender in a 2:1: 1 1/2 or so mixture, and add a quarter of that amount of cashew sour cream.
EG, for a bigish smoothie for 2-3:
2 cups of mango
1 cup banana
1 cup of water (or more, depending on desired consistency and the demands of your blender)
1/4 cup cashew sour cream

If you'd like to use fresh fruit instead of frozen, try about half the amount of water...raw appetit!

I'm working on a date for another upcoming din din with Fresh Thymes, so stay tuned!!!